Altra Altra Paradigm 2.0

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Article number: A1635-5-Paradigm 2.0-Blue/Yel-8
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Experience an all-new paradigm shift to running—max cushioning in a super light package. The Paradigm™ is a neutral training shoe that offers moderate stability and an impressive 34 mm stack height at an incredibly light 9 ounces. EVA/A-Bound™ cushioning wraps up around the foot more on the medial side and acts as a guide rail to help prevent your foot from collapsing inward when it fatigues. The FootShape™ toe box and max-cushioned Zero Drop™ platform combine to place your foot in a natural position to promote proper, low-impact technique across long distances. A flexible outsole maps the bones and tendons of your foot to let your foot flex where it needs to, and features a unique outsole groove designed to naturally slow the rate of any excess pronation. Reimagine a max-cushioned run with the lightweight Paradigm.

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